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Coat of Arms

A medallion bearing the initials of Tilden Gardens can be found in the masonry. Click the image to enlarge.

Last Building Completed

The Warren Latch-Key magazine covered the completion of the last structure, the F-G Building at 3900 Connecticut Avenue. N.W. in August, 1930. Click the image above to read the article.

Architectural Ornamentation

The buildings were built along similar lines, but you can find a variety of  architectural flourishes. Click the image to view a pair of ornaments.


Contact Us

or further information about Tilden Gardens, contact our front desk at 3000 Tilden Street, N.W., Washington,
DC 20008-3017, telephone (202) 966-5334. You may also send us an e-mail by clicking here.

  Tilden Gardens Addresses  
  C Building
3024 Tilden Street, N.W.
 D Building
3041 Sedgwick Street, N.W.
  E Building
3031 Sedgwick Street, N.W.
 F-G Building
3900 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
  H Building
3930 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
I Building
3000 Tilden Street, N.W. 


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